Office 365 Enablement – MasterMind Training Series

“The solution Mint put in place allowed us to provide multiple channels of communication to beneficiaries and service providers.

Derek Smith – Senior ICT Manager – National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)

Crafting Modern Minds for the Public Sector

Office 365 is transforming the public sector as government increasingly realises the benefits of the cloud for streamlined collaboration, productivity, case management, and service delivery.

With massive staff counts and demand from citizens, government entities require transformative technologies coupled with skill sets that easily meet the demands of the public sector. Digital enablement coupled with change management empower public servants to become ‘modern minds’ and drivers of public digital transformation.

How does Office 365 Enablement transform the Public Sector?

Mint’s change management offering comprises a MasterMind Training Series, where data is analysed to assess system adoption and application, which, in turn, drives intervention plans.

Mint’s intervention plans are based on in-depth assessments which comprise measurement of intervention plans to ensure ROI for the public entity.

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