Data-driven customer insights

“Our experience of working with Microsoft and Mint has opened doors for Mint to champion all Dynamics 365 configurations and it has introduced a new culture into the department, of working in an agile environment.”

Arnold Phiri – ICT Projects and Programme Manager – National Department of Health

Ensure service delivery is always one step ahead. Access the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 combined with Artificial Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and gain unprecedented insights into public needs and behavior.

Cut costs and free up resources to ensure departments can focus on increasing efficiency, embracing automation, and providing next-generation service delivery that transforms society.

How does Mint’s Data-Driven Insights offering empower the Public Sector?

Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and Dynamics 365, Data-Driven Insights accesses existing data to identify patterns and trends and arms public sector organisations with data that enables targeted decisions and strategies, outcome predictions, and disruption, with more certainty and success.

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