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Empower your staff with O365

Crafting Modern Media Minds by unlocking the powerful capabilities of Office 365

Are your staff empowered to deliver transformative services?

As technology evolves and audience demands and expectations change, media enterprises need to ensure their employees are empowered with the skills and knowledge to innovate and deliver next-generation media experiences.

Mint has helped numerous organisations with change management and digital enablement to empower those employees whose skill sets will guarantee a maximum return from technology investments. Mint helps organisations unlock the full potential of their people and technology.

Placing people at the centre of your technology roadmap

Mint’s MasterMind Training Series analyses organisational data to assess system adoption and application, which, in turn, drives intervention plans.

Once intervention plans are implemented, results are continuously measured to ensure that your staff are empowered and enabled to make the most out of your technology investments and provide transformative client experiences.

Through the Office 365 MasterMind Training, Mint aims to empower Media houses to deliver transformative client engagement experiences and services by ensuring that staff have the right technology available that match their skills coupled with the drive and focus to apply these systems for success.

How Can Office 365 Enablement Transform Media Houses?

  • Ensures skill sets match technology
  • Improves customer response time and satisfaction through digitally-enabled employees
  • Ensures collaboration and increased productivity across divisions, departments, and borders
  • Realises ROI from technology investments based on regular interval assessments

The Digital Empowerment Journey - Microsoft

Why Digital Enablement?

See to it that you have the right blend of skills versus technology and that you can take advantage of current and future technology trends.

Empower staff to unlock the full potential of the technology for increased efficiency, productivity, and visibility.

Enable people, processes, and technology to blend seamlessly

Get ROI from your technology investments