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Firstline Worker

“I must say, it is always a pleasure working with the Mint team, as they always provide us with the best advice and solutions that work well for our company, and they always go the extra mile to assist us, where need be.”

Sunitha Erasmus – Web Department – Mutual & Federal

Maximise the impact of your Firstline Workforce

First to engage customers and represent a business’s services and brand, the firstline workforce is crucial to ensure publishing houses, radio stations, or TV stations, continue attracting and retaining advertisers.

Through its productivity tools, Microsoft 365 empowers media agencies to unleash the potential of their client-facing representatives and ensure they are armed with the correct technology and skill sets to deliver channels that are attractive to advertisers and help reach their target markets.

How does Mint’s Firstline Worker offering empower the Media Industry?

Mint’s Firstline Worker offering ensures that media organisations have the required Office 365 technologies to unlock Firstline Worker’s full potential and address problem areas.

In addition, firstline workers are digitally empowered to utilise tools they have at their disposal and be continuously informed and updated to ensure maximum ROI potential is realised from technology investments.

Mint’s Firstline Worker offering delivers results based on data. This guarantees an organisation’s improvements are measurable.

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