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Empower healthcare staff with O3652020-01-16T07:38:49+02:00

Enable health collaboration with O365 TeamWork

Teams gives all healthcare workers a familiar way to communicate in real-time, coordinate patient care, and improve operational efficiencies

Microsoft Teams – a solution for the entire healthcare organisation

To ensure staff skill sets align with technology that organisations acquire, and staff adapt to these changing processes, healthcare facilities need to embrace digital roadmaps and enablement as a driver of successful transformation.

Mint drives intelligent healthcare collaboration with Microsoft Teams where we analyse your healthcare facility’s data to assess system adoption and application, and then drive intervention plans.

Through this initiative, we help you to ensure that the maturity of your technology suite matches the capabilities of your employees and that your technology roadmap will power Intelligent Healthcare.

Enable doctors, nurses and administrative staff to:

  • Fully adopt available technologies following migrations;
  • Enable next-generation patient experiences;
  • Stay on top of the fast-moving workplace;
  • See how to manage excessive and distributed information from a central location;
  • Stop context switching between different apps, which diverts attention and wastes time;
  • Avoid multiple logins and ease sharing and discovering information; and
  • Streamline productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

Innovating TeamWork for healthcare excellence with Microsoft Teams

It is crucial that medical facilities – the integral drivers of citizen development and wellbeing – evolve along with technology trends and take advantage of the next-generation patient and healthcare experiences that this transformative technology offers.

As Healthcare professionals strive to provide the best possible care in today’s complex care environment, Mint implements Microsoft Teams and streamlines adoption to enables simple, secure collaboration and communication with chat, video, voice, and healthcare tools in a single hub.

By driving transformational change management and digital enablement we help healthcare facilities empower their workers with the right skill sets to streamline staff collaboration, facility safety, patient record management, and data management – and maximise ROI.

By using Teams for Healthcare collaboration and productivity, your facility can benefit from this powerful technology and enable your employees through:

Secure Instant Messaging

Care planning & coordination

Meeting scheduler

Automated workflows

Security & compliance

Integration with Microsoft cloud stack

Modern Health Team collaboration with Microsoft 365

Empower your entire healthcare workforce to create a seamless workplace that benefits all staff and patients


Connect with your team on the go or check in on patient records remotely


Better plan resources and team schedules with instant access to people and patient information


Improve patient service by providing correct and updated information and enable sharing and collaboration across facilities

IT Service Team

Ensure security and compliance with effective data record management tools and access

Access the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Teams to securely manage patient care, integrate electronic health records for care coordination, and deliver intelligent healthcare experiences that place patients first.