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Firstline Worker

“I must say, it is always a pleasure working with the Mint team, as they always provide us with the best advice and solutions that work well for our company, and they always go the extra mile to assist us, where need be.”

Sunitha Erasmus – Web Department – Mutual & Federal

Maximise the impact of your Firstline Workforce

First to interact with patients, providers, and staff, firstline workers are the lifeblood of the health industry.

The crucial role that firstline workers play in the health industry stresses the need for technologies that connect them with overall strategies of, and communication within healthcare facilities. Firstline workers should be empowered with the necessary skills to use available technologies that drive efficiency and satisfaction.

How does Mint’s Firstline Worker offering empower the Health Industry?

Improve collaborative care with Office 365 and empower care teams with the right technology – technology that enables them to share documents, easily access and accept policy and procedures, collaborate, enable streamlined record access and management, and ensure a unified voice across the healthcare organisation.

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