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Facial Recognition

“Our experience of working with Microsoft and Mint has opened doors for Mint to champion all Dynamics 365 configurations and it has introduced a new culture into the department, of working in an agile environment.”

Arnold Phiri – ICT Projects and Programme Manager – National Department of Health

Facial Recognition comprises powerful identification and automation capabilities to transform healthcare as we know it by taking patient and provider data, authentication, and security, further.

Health facilities around the world are revolutionising their processes and operations by taking advantage of the powerful capabilities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) affords. These capabilities include patient authentication and verification to streamline patient care and security, and chronic medication dispensing based on verification.

The extent of the transformation that AI can have on a healthcare institution hinges on the unique requirements and available data.

How does Mint’s Facial Recognition offering empower the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare providers have the data and Mint has the technology to ensure providers take advantage of the innovation that facial recognition offers through cognitive services, machine learning, stream analytics, and Dynamics 365.

Mint’s intelligent People Recognition offering assesses and establishes the people most important to a business, and how Mint’s technology can tailor engagements for maximum impact and return.

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