Engage your clients!

Amplify human capabilities through streamlined Smart Notifications that encourage your clients to interact with service notifications through artificial intelligence.

From No-Reply to Please-Reply with AI

Transform client engagements from basic banking service notifications to smart conversations by utilising the powerful capabilities of Chatbot, Cognitive Services, Stream Analytics and Dynamics 365 technologies.

Smart Notification helps Financial Service Providers (FSP’s) to empower clients with the right tools to interact with service notifications – such as FICA and card collection notifications – ensuring communication never reaches a dead end.

Why use Smart Notifications for client interactions?

  • Enhanced and responsive client services.
  • Streamlined client experiences.
  • Improved lead times.
  • Reduced staff allocation for menial tasks.
  • Real-time client feedback.
  • Contextual conversations based on specific notifications.

Enable next-generation context-aware banking notifications and case management

Clients rely on bank notifications to alert them regarding account transactions, Fica requirements, query statuses and relevant offerings. Bank notifications, however, are mostly one-way conversations driven by FSP’s. With the advent of chatbot technology and machine learning, however, one-way conversations can be turned into smart conversations and intelligent case management where clients can get more information and resolve issues from a simple notification.

Smart Notifications enables FSP’s to enrich automated notifications through innovative technology to drive actionable conversations through chatbots, cognitive services, stream analytics, and Dynamics 365 technologies.

With Smart Notifications FSP’s empower clients to interact with service notifications, thereby ensuring that client communication initiatives never hit a dead end, drive value for clients and places less of an administrative burden on banking staff.

 Mint’s Smart Notifications offering empowers the Financial Services Industry by availaing automated notifications that are enriched through innovative technology that drives actionable conversations via Chatbot, Cognitive Services, Stream Analytics, and Dynamics 365 technologies.

Ensure conversation with your clients never reaches a dead end

Enhance client administration service processes

Automate administrative processes

Streamline client service and satisfaction