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Firstline Worker

I must say, it is always a pleasure working with the Mint team, as they always provide us with the best advice and solutions that work well for our company, and they always go the extra mile to assist us, where need be.”

Sunitha Erasmus – Web Department – Mutual & Federal

Maximise the impact of your Firstline Workforce

First to engage customers, first to represent a business’s services and brand, the firstline workforce is crucial to an organisation’s success, and modern tools are required to engage, connect, and to achieve more.

Through its productivity tools, Microsoft 365 empowers businesses to unleash the potential of their firstline workforce while reducing costs and security risks and reaping the rewards of increased efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

How does Mint’s Firstline Worker offering empower the Financial Service Industry?

In the financial service industry where the requirements of clients are evolving at a rapid pace, and the need for personalised service offerings continues to evolve, it is crucial that financial service providers (FSPs) extend digital capabilities to firstline workers.

As the client-facing portion of the financial industry’s workforce, firstline staff need to be armed with tools and skill sets that enable them to serve clients in an efficient and collaborative way.

The Firstline Worker offering by Mint – the dominant solution provider to Africa’s financial services industry – is built upon more than 17 years’ expertise; helping FSPs use their technology, processes, and people, to digitally transform, disrupt, and innovate.

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