Predict Client Needs with Dynamics 365

Is your current model of the ideal customer based on assumptions or on data?

Make data-driven decisions that foster client engagement and loyalty

Financial Service Providers (FSPs) manage massive client bases, all with unique profiles and demands. To ensure FSPs evolve along with technology, client interactions should be based on data, not assumptions.

An FSP’s data is used to drive client acquisition and retention strategies by tapping into the unique requirements and behaviors of their client base. Next-generation client-engagement experiences for banking and insurance clients are unlocked by speaking to their financial needs and goals.

Use data-driven insights for:

  • A data-centric understanding of your ideal customer.
  • Identifying lagging accounts that have the potential to become leading performers.
  • Spend time and effort on the right customer.
  • Create diverse ideal-customer models to ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

How does Mint’s Data-Driven Insights offering empower FSPs?

Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and Dynamics 365, Data-Driven Insights accesses an FSP’s existing data to identify patterns and trends and arms them with data that enables targeted decisions and strategies, future outcome predictions, and disruption, with more certainty and success.

With more than 17 year’s worth of experience helping FSP’s transform through technology Mint Group seamlessly blends together people, processes and technology to ensure innovation and ongoing competitiveness for banking and insurance institutions.

See how Dynamics 365 and AI transforms customer journeys

Maximise client engagement ROI

Ensure that your resources are enabled and allocated where needed and increase financial services sales conversion rates, client loyalty, and overall FSP efficiency. Achieve ROI  by continuously measuring your efforts..

Reduced client attrition

Identify key financial accounts in need of nurturing, and enable data-driven engagements that will help you serve your clients and avail targeted financial solutions according to their preferences, needs, and unique trends.

Personalised client journeys

Stop utilising a one-size-fits-all approach to client engagements – let data-driven insights personalise your interactions. Engage with your clients like never before and ensure that each action will yield a result.

Relationship monitoring

Build and maintain client relationships based on their unique financial circumstances, history, and preferences, and engage accordingly.  Identify lagging accounts and mine past data to predict future outcomes.