Campus Vision Kiosks

Tailored Experiences for Intelligent Student and Staff Interaction with Vision Kiosks

A secure, hands-free kiosk that automatically shows content relevant to the students or faculty staff looking at it

Enable next-generation education environments through streamlined student and staff verification, enrolment and information access and management on campuses.

By adding intelligence to content display, Educational Institutions can reap the rewards of facial recognition by displaying targeted content to students and academic staff based on their unique profile.

Why use Vision Kiosks for student and staff interactions?

  • Instant, hands-free login to custom screen (dynamic web content) for a user;
  • Automated logout the moment the user walks away or (optionally) if another face comes into view;
  • Can be integrated into systems e.g. HR system or internal messaging;
  • Instant login/logout enables a single kiosk to serve a large volume of students;
  • Voice commands support is available, enabling hands-free interaction;
  • Self-registration with ID document or optional quick registration to streamline staff and student enrolment;
  • Part of Mint’s vision platform- integrated into Mint’s vision network.

How does Mint’s Vision Kiosks empower Educators?

Facial Recognition through Vision Kiosk technology streamlines and simplifies information access for students and staff, thereby, streamlining information access, freeing up administrative personnel and creating paper-free campus environments.

With security top of mind vision kiosks enable students to access their personal information, such as registration statuses, financial statuses, and examination schedules and log actions from the applicable information displayed. Similarly, staff can access HR-related information, work schedules, and important updates.

Through the Vision Kiosk Offering Mint aims to empower students to excel and achieve academic excellence, break down the barriers between staff and student communication, simplify and enhance access to information, and create and maintain safe and secure learning environments.

With the Vision Kiosk information privacy is top priority as information is displayed based on facial recognition

Information access and guidance is extended to students and staff who don’t own their own computers, are not familiar with processes or are not tech-savvy

Streamlined students and staff information access

Reduced administrative tasks and increased efficiency