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Faculty Productivity Empowerment

Tailored productivity training experiences for Office 365 – MasterMind Training Series

Change management and adoption to ensure that you unlock the full potential from your staff and technology

To ensure staff skill sets align to technology that organisations acquire, and staff adapt to these changing processes, educational institutions need to embrace change management as a driver of successful transformation.

Mint offers a MasterMind series, where we analyze your educational institution’s data to assess system adoption and application, and then drive intervention plans.

Through this initiative, we help you to ensure that the maturity of your technology suite matches the capabilities of your employees.

Enable faculty staff to:

  • Fully adopt available technologies following migrations;
  • Enable next-generation student experiences;
  • Stay on top of the fast-moving workplace;
  • See how to manage excessive and distributed information from a central location;
  • Stop context switching between different apps, which diverts attention and wastes time;
  • Avoid multiple logins and ease sharing and discovering information; and
  • Streamline productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

Crafting modern minds for educational excellence

It is crucial that education institutions – the integral drivers of economic development and the dispersion of knowledge – evolve along with technology trends and take advantage of the next-generation learning experiences that this transformative technology offers.

Mint drives transformational change management and digital enablement to empower those employees with the right skill sets to address educational requirements – such as staff collaboration, campus safety, student funding and data management – and maximise ROI.

Mint’s change management comprises a MasterMind Training Series, where data is analyzed to assess system adoption and application, which, in turn, drives intervention plans to enable next-generation educational experiences.

Through Mint’s Mastermind Training Series, we empower educational institutions to align people, processes and systems and ensure that they can get the most out of technology investments that will foster student engagement and success and drive academic excellence.

Ensure ROI from your technology investments

Equip your faculty staff with the required knowledge to ensure that they can unlock the full potential of the technology for increased efficiency, productivity, and visibility

See to it that you have the right blend of skills versus technology and that you can take advantage of current and future technology trends

Place people at the core of your technology roadmap and ensure continuous digital transformation