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Data-Driven Student Insights

Is your current model of student success metrics based on assumptions or  data?

Student data mining and predictions for success

Use your educational institutions existing data to gain in=depth insights into student behavior and patterns which will enable you to make valuable predictions and steer your communication and marketing strategies accordingly.

By focusing your efforts on where they are needed you can profile students and drive interactions, accordingly to ensure educational success.

Use data-driven insights for:

  • A data-centric understanding of your students
  • Identifying lagging student and educator profiles that have the potential to become leading performers
  • Identifying success factors for academic excellence and steering career choices accordingly
  • Highlighting lagging accounts and success factors to assist with payment realisation
  • Create diverse ideal-student models to ensure that you never miss an opportunity
  • Drive data-driven marketing communications initiatives

Access the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 combined with Artificial Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and gain unprecedented insights into audience and advertiser requirements and behaviors.

Educators have over the past decade been immersed in digital transformation. Now, Artificial Intelligence introduces disruptive processes and methods to engage audiences and enable educators to truly connect and engage.

Existing data is used to drive student acquisition and retention strategies by tapping into the unique requirements and behaviors of an education institute’s past and current student base, educational programmes and initiatives.

Based on past data and behaviors future predictions are made to steer all operational initiatives towards success. Once these initiatives are actioned, student feedback  is captured with machine learning applied to predict and perfect all future engagement and, thereby, continuously increase an institution’s success rate.

Mint empowers the education industry through a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and Dynamics 365 technologies. Data-Driven Insights accesses existing data to identify patterns and trends and arm educators with data that enables targeted decisions and strategies, future outcome predictions, and disruption, with more certainty and success.

Maximise student engagement success factors

Monitor student relationships

Reduce student attrition

Enable tailored targetting

Drive data-driven student and staff engagements

Personalise student journeys