Vision Reception Greeting

A welcoming, automated and personalised reception for your staff and customers through computer vision.

Empower intelligent customer and staff experiences!

Detect, identify and verify faces through the powerful capabilities of facial recognition technology in your business environment. Once a customer are staff member has been identified, apply machine learning to tailor personalised greetings and experiences based on their preferences and reactions as soon as they walk through the door.

By adding intelligence to your reception environment, you can create a next-generation experience as soon as your staff or customers enter your premises, rendering first point-of-contact part of your intelligent brand building strategy.

Facial Recognition streamlines personnel access to your office environment, ensuring that only verified employees are allowed into your offices and enabling you to automatically log attendance.


  • Identify known faces and display an optional, custom message
  • Can be integrated into turnstiles or automated doors for access control
  • Prompts unknown people for face registration. Users can self-register using identification document or authorised person
  • Track full history of faces and arrival times
  • Part of Mint’s vision platform- integrated into Mint’s vision network.

How does Mint’s Vision Reception Greeting amplify customer experiences?

Through intelligent facial recognition and machine learning, Mint’s Vision Reception Greeting solution ensures that client and customer experiences are enhanced as customers are welcomed prior to an introduction, and an automated notification is sent to the relevant staff member they are coming to see. Should your organisation require guest verification and enrollment this process can also be automated, saving time for both guests and administrative staff and streamlining information processes.

With security top of mind the Vision Reception Greeting solution helps to ensure a safe and secure office environment where everyone that enters your building has been cleared and verified while feeling personally welcomed, enjoying next-generation technology experiences.

Through the Vision Reception Greeting Offering Mint empowers organisations to amplify staff capabilities and streamline customer experiences by creating intelligent personalised experiences, building unique profiles of customers and staff, and initiating a first point of contact accordingly, thereby, driving automation, creating secure environments, and ensuring service and performance excellence.

No more registration paperwork for customers

Automated access for customers and staff

Automatic notification of guest arrival to meeting attendees

Increased security and access control with visitor logs