Sales & Marketing Enablement

With Sales and Marketing Enablement, you will be able to benefit from team efficiency that drives the sales management process, so you can expand customer services and have a customer-centric approach that exploits more sales opportunities

What is Sales and Marketing enablement?

Sales & Marketing Enablement is a holistic offering from Dynamics 365 that goes beyond sales force and marketing automation by working closely with your team to create a bespoke solution that will help your business benefit from best-practice sales and marketing methodology, and best-in-class systems and technology.

Automating and enhancing good sales and marketing strategies, so that your sales force can achieve more.

 Sales force automation

Marketing automation

Lead and client management

Digital Real-time analytics

Social listening

Drive More Sales Opportunities

Drive More Sales Opportunities

Increase Team Efficiency

  • Sell smarter with predictive intelligence
  • View relationship health and risks
  • View lead and client interaction
  • Predict business outcomes
  • Stay on top of complex buying cycles
  • Unify CRM and ERP capabilities
  • Increase team collaboration and visibility
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Build trust with customers
  • Enable tailored sales experiences
  • Measure trends and outcomes


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