Access Control with Facial Recognition

The security of world-class Facial Recognition, with the convenience of walk-through access control. Full face capture and audits, alerts and analytics.​

Be in control of everyone’s whereabouts, without compromising on the ‘access experience’.

Most security comprises a balance between safety and convenience. With Mint’s Facial Recognition Access Control, you don’t have to compromise.

Our solution is fast and accurate, utilising world-class cloud-based facial recognition technology, and offering the convenience of a walk-through, touchless (and germless) service.

Why use Access Control with Facial Recognition?

  • Straight walk-through, touchless and secure access control
  • Full audit trails of access, with high-resolution images
  • Automatic and continuous system improvement over time owing to active learning
  • Instantly know who is where – including which boardroom, factory floor or lecture hall
  • Cloud-based access management – add/remove/edit areas from anywhere


  • No card-sharing or tail-gating.
  • Smooth, seamless onboarding and training.
  • Direct integration with your existing services.
  • Cements your future competitiveness.
  • Enhances access control processes.
  • Enables next-generation security experiences.