Engage your Citizens

Smart conversations from basic notifications through technology innovation

Natural interaction with citizens from anywhere

Streamline service delivery and transform citizen engagements from basic service notifications to smart conversations by utilising the powerful capabilities of Chatbot, Cognitive Services, Stream Analytics, and Dynamics 365 technologies.

Mint’s Smart Notification helps government departments enable citizens to interact with service notifications – such as ID collections and passport application notifications –ensuring communication never reaches a dead end.

Why use Smart Notifications for citizen interactions?

  • Enhanced and responsive student query services.
  • Streamlined student experience.
  • Improved lead times.
  • Reduced staff allocation for menial tasks.
  • Real-time feedback.

How does Mint’s Smart Notifications offering empower the Public Sector?

Automated notifications are enriched through innovative technology that drives actionable conversations via Chatbot, Cognitive Services, Stream Analytics, and Dynamics 365 technologies.

Enable next-generation context-aware notifications and case management to streamline service delivery and alleviate the pressure on administrative staff.

Automated notifications are a key communication tool used by government institutions to communicate with citizens regarding service delivery such as electricity bills, rates and taxes notifications and revenue submission statuses.

Smart Notifications enables government institutions to turn these one-way messages into two-way conversations by enabling citizens to ask questions, query statuses and, with the help of chatbot technology, receive assistance which reduces the need for and reliance on administrative staff.

Empower citizens to interact with notifications, thereby ensuring that engagements never hit a dead end, drive valuable results, resolve queries and reduce administrative tasks for public servants.

“Over and above their technical competence, what we have enjoyed most in our relationship with Mint, is their sound advice and flexibility in operations.”

Samantha McChesney – Design Manager – South African Airways (SAA)

Target Artificially Intelligent Conversations with your Citizens and Use Machine  learning to automate and transform service delivery

Drive artificially intelligent conversations with citizens, enabling government departments to drive actionable items from basic notifications.

Scale according to your own pace and requirements based on data-driven insights from citizen interactions