Vision Crowd Tracking

Enable next-generation audience experiences in Media, Entertainment and Events.

Track and engage your audience

Amplify human capabilities through Mint’s Vision Crowd Tracking solution. Track accurate, live data of against people attending an event, watching a presentation or looking at a screen.

Thanks to the powerful features of facial recognition, organisations can track individual profiles within crowds to enable sentiment analysis, demographic capturing, attendance, and crowd tallying, enabling them to capture valuable information in real time. By obtaining real-time information, media houses and entertainers gain data-driven insights into audiences and behaviour and can make more accurate decisions regarding next-step engagements as well as strategic business decisions.


  • Count unique faces passing the camera of both identified and unknown people;
  • Track demographics, emotion markers and eye gaze by the second;
  • Track faces of both identified and unknown people;
  • Custom train the system to identify specific activities e.g. person making a phone call;
  • Modify the content displayed on a public screen to match the demographics and emotional markers of the audience;
  • BI dashboard for slicing and dicing the generated data;
  • Part of Mint’s vision platform so integrated into Mint’s vision network.

Through Vision Crowd Tracking Mint empowers organisations to amplify and enable next-generation experiences by gathering intelligent information in real-time and adjusting communication, marketing and operational initiatives based on crowd responses. By availing data-driven insights based on facial recognition and machine learning organisations gain non-biased intelligence on the effectiveness of their initiatives.

Get real-time feedback on event or content engagements

Eliminate the need for traditional feedback forms and increase feedback accuracy of audiences

Optimise your content based on audience reactions to ensure targeted future engagements

Streamline and personalise event registration processes