Facial Recognition

“Kagiso Media highly recommends Mint’s services to any organisation who is looking to digitally transform their business operations in driving automation improve efficiencies and fast-track their digital journey.”

Ashwin Frankie – Group CIO – Kagiso Media

Media houses can enable next-generation audience experiences by driving targeted content that is based on audience profiles. Facial recognition revolutionises customer engagements and streamlines audience targeting.

Artificial Intelligence powered by data is a potent tool in the hands of media houses. With Mint’s facial recognition solution media professionals can use their data to their advantage by shaping future audience experiences and gaining a 360-degree view of people, trends, and demographics.

How does Mint’s Facial Recognition offering empower the Media Industry?

Media houses have the data and Mint has the technology to ensure they take advantage of the innovation that facial recognition offers through cognitive services, machine learning, stream analytics, and Dynamics 365.

Mint’s intelligent People Recognition offering assesses and establishes the people most important to a business, and how Mint’s technology can tailor engagements for maximum impact and return.

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