Recognise Your Students

Amplifying human capabilities through streamlined student and staff verification and identification through artificial intelligence.

Can your educational institution recognise the people that matter?

Accelerate student and educator verification processes; enhance student and staff service processes; and integrate disparate information and paper intensive environments through the powerful capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Automate and streamline student and staff identity verification and the documentation of personal information. Reduce queues, waiting times, and the frustration of disparate information systems, by instantly verifying, identifying and accessing the information of current and new student applicants and staff.

Why use student facial recognition?

  • Establish your facial recognition roadmap to ensure future competitiveness.
  • Visual identity management.
  • Instant, verified enrollment or application.
  • Enhanced student and staff experience.
  • Industry 4.0 experience – taking student engagements to the next level.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced administration.
  • Internal automation and integrated systems management.

How does Mint’s Facial Recognition offering empower the Education Industry?

Education providers have the data and Mint has the technology to ensure institutions take advantage of the innovation that facial recognition offers through cognitive services, machine learning, stream analytics, and Dynamics 365.

Mint’s intelligent People Recognition offering assesses and establishes the people most important to a business, and how Mint’s technology can tailor engagements for maximum impact and return.

Through the Student Facial Recognition Offering Mint aims to empower students to excel and achieve academic excellence, break down the barriers between staff and student communication, simplify and enhance access to information, streamline student enrollment and attendance tracking, and create and maintain safe and secure learning environments.

Speeds up slow verification and enrollment processes

Enhance student administration service processes

Integrate and automates disparate and paper-intensive environments

Improved university access control through facial recognition