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Dynamics 365 ERP

Use Dynamics 365 to unify, streamline and advance your business operations into one holistic cloud platform

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software enables organisations to plan and unify daily operations through a single system. With Dynamics 365 ERP Business Applications, organisations can  integrate the management of main business processes into a premium, real-time solution, and ensure intelligent real-time data and predictive analytics using secure and trusted cloud technology.

Streamline business processes with Dynamics 365 ERP

Transform your business operations from reactive to proactive, taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of a Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking to integrate your business units into one single system? Business Central is the new-generation Microsoft NAV, built for optimising operations for the mid-market audience.

Are you an enterprise-scale organisation in need of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution to bring together your finance, operations, supply chain and human resources into a seamless cloud-based solution? Dynamics 365 ERP offers a comprehensive solution to optimise your business operations and help management make better decisions.

Enable your entire organisation to streamline workloads across business units with Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning

Merge your operations, finance and supply chain activities into one enterprise-grade system

Get real-time insights and analytics to make better decisions that drive business outcomes

Dynamics 365 ERP Applications


Automate your processes to increase efficiencies within your finance operations while decreasing financial risks


Implement proactive planning to transform your supply chain and distribution strategies while improving profitability


Optimise your operations, product and service quality by using predictive insights


Elevate your Human Resources process and empower your employees with intelligent insights and process automation


Modernise your warehouse management processes, control inventory and supplier relationships for more effective stock management