Product Offerings

Mint’s product offerings enable next-generation cloud experiences by delivering state of the art solutions that enable our clients’ businesses to grow in this cloud-first world.

We proudly and avidly drive Microsoft’s cloud services through our tailored product offerings based on Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure and Artificial Intelligence. Through these solutions, we drive next-generation customer experiences, transferring increased business efficiency and profitability to our clients.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transform the way you do business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Access a seamless integration of apps that work together in the cloud to provide invaluable client and marketing insights, using your data to work for you

Cloud Development

With 90% of Fortune 500 companies trusting the Microsoft cloud why not take advantage of the innovative capabilities of the most trusted cloud in the world?

With Microsoft Azure, you have all the AI tools you need to build entire machine learning solutions in the cloud. Now, even people without a data science background can build data models using simple flow diagrams and drag-and-drop gestures

Office 365

Office 365 supports and empowers your workforce so they have the best tools at their disposal to succeed at their respective activities.

With Office 365 your business can access more than just the great applications inside the Office 365 suite, but also unlock the full value of cloud technology.

Microsoft AI

Enable digital transformation through the automation of tasks and insights into business-related trends and patterns.

Place people at the center of any business strategy to enhance business processes, foster creativity and reveal opportunities.