Mint Power Platform – fuelling intelligent processes through the Power Platform

Reap unlimited possibilities through the powerful capabilities of the Power Platform. Driving rapid innovation and simplified build capabilities, the Microsoft Power Platform comprises Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow, empowering organisations to quickly and easily build complete business solutions

What Is Mint Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform empowers organisations to span productivity and business data, streamline processes and transform operations through innovative applications, workflows, connectors and insights.

By utilising the capabilities of the Power Platform, organisations can take the power of development into their own hands. The Power Platform features click-and-build functionality that makes building innovative applications according to business requirements quick, seamless and efficient.

Power Platform is a single platform availing endless possibilities and innovation on top of the Office 365 and Dynamics 365 functionality.

PowerApps forms part of the Microsoft Power Platform – a business application platform comprising Power Platform, PowerBI and Microsoft Flow. The Power Platform gives everyone the ability to build applications for business opportunities, visualise data and bridge the gap between data, apps and services by creating automated workflows that further streamline operational efficiency.

How the Power Platform drives Innovation

  • Gain in-depth insights into business data
  • Drive intelligent business decisions and processes from the data analysed
  • Automate processes to achieve desired outcomes
  • Tailor solutions around unique business requirements
  • Streamline business processes

Unleash innovate possibilities with the Microsoft Power Platform

Increased ROI
Reduced Development Cost
Increased Business Process Efficiency

Innovate Faster, Transform Further

The streamlined building and customisation features of Power Platform enable organisations to go-to-market faster and respond to demands in real-time. Through the availability of connectors, integrators and accelerators, organisations can build innovative applications that connect data from various sources and drive powerful transformation.


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