Enterprise Content Records Management

Seamlessly integrating records management with content collaboration using ECRM with Office 365

What Is ECRM?

ECRM 365 leverages Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud Identity to provide a deeply integrated solution for protecting information, controlling its distribution and seamlessly delivering compliance and collaboration – without compromising security, or relying on additional 3rd party software.

Coupled with our years of experience, we apply ECRM 365 to government entities and configure the features, processes and policies to ensure that we empower you to reach your objectives, ensure compliance and streamline efficiency, placing citizens first.

Reduce Costs by Reducing Friction in your Content Ecosystem

Increase Employee Happiness

Let your Information Architecture dictate your governance

Ensure adherence to ECRM requirements

Manage, protect and preserve information


Enable your employees to:

  • Collaborate both internally and externally;
  • Manage content creation with co-authoring, versioning approvals, publishing, as well as structured, easily searchable, metadata taxonomies​;
  • Develop an organisation-wide Information Architecture Design​;
  • Implement measured, continued compliance with global standards​;
  • Develop granular records retention schedules which assist in reducing risk and liability for the public entity.

Organisations can now get the friction-free-easy-sharing collaborative environment with record management compliance all in one place

ECRM 365 Process

High-level Assessment

We perform a High-Level Assessment to understand your information landscape and transform it into a cohesive Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft 365 ecosystem transformation

The Microsoft 365 ecosystem incorporates records schedules and taxonomies, retention rules and workflows, interactive collaboration spaces where content can be created, and mechanisms to enable transparent versioning and secure external sharing.

Next-generation collaboration

Following the implementation and activation of your ECRM 365 environment, your organizations can reap the benefits of next-generation collaboration and seamlessly integrate collaboration efforts with records management.


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