“Working with Mint has been one of my best moments. Sometimes we just call the guys and say “Hey we miss you, come back”. The Mint team takes care of everything and enables us to work and focus. It’s been a great team and we hope to have a long standing relationship with them”

National Department of Health Assistant ICT Director Arnold Phiri

When it comes to the proliferation of technology in the healthcare industry, providers are faced with choosing the right solutions that will help them to improve and personalise patient care, make decisions based on predictive analytics, ensure patient security, and align patient care and diagnostics with future innovations.

With a passion for technology and as an enabler of digital transformation, Mint drives healthcare through technology innovation. We have formed strong partnerships and implemented numerous innovative projects in the healthcare industry for public and private organisations, empowering them to seamlessly manage the complexities of balancing people with technology, and achieve next-generation service delivery.

The Microsoft suite of technologies enables healthcare providers to improve care-team productivity and increase collaboration by automating healthcare tasks, increasing visibility, fostering collaboration, delivering revolutionary patient experiences and driving transformation. We empower healthcare organisation to place their focus where it matters: people.

Healthcare Solutions

How we empower the healthcare industry:

  • Systems integration
  • Electronic health records management
  • Stock tracking and management
  • Next-generation patient care
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Increased collaboration
  • Task automation
  • Real-time data insights