Firstline Worker, every day in every way

Streamline your firstline workers’ productivity with Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise mobility and security. They’re often the face of your business and the builders of your brand – every reason to ensure that they are sufficiently equipped to make a great impression, every day in every way.

Why Firstline Worker Empowerment?

Firstline Workers – over two billion of them – are the workers who are the first to engage customers. They represent your company’s brand, and they are the ones who see your products and services in action. This means that they are most likely to know what your customers want and are therefore primed to help you build your business. Their daily ingenuity, creativity, and actions move business forward, making them the heartbeat of the world’s largest industries. Maximise the empowerment of your Firstline Worker and reap the benefits of connection.

The Firstline Worker has become the cornerstone of how the world turns, especially during the pandemic. They reliably deliver and are often expected to increase productivity and efficiency to meet demands. They are the segment that could best benefit from an integrated digital solution, one like the Mint Firstline Worker solution. A solution that streamlines inputs, integrates line of business applications and deepens connections.

Because we believe in the Firstline workforce, we present our Microsoft 365 Firstline Worker solution – an offering that is on, no matter the day of the week or the time of day. The modules and tools in this solution can improve productivity and greatly benefit this segment through integration, collaboration, adoption, and mobility.

Deemed one of the best operating system in the world, Windows 10 is the latest Operating system from Microsoft featuring Universal Aps that work on various devices, such as personal computers, smartphones, personal computers, video game consoles and HoloLens.

Office 365 comprises a suite of tools that give your teams access to best-in-class productivity solutions from around the world – all integrated in one personalised dashboard.

Enterprise Mobility and Security is Microsoft’s cloud-based offering availing full control over the administration and provisioning and securing of all devices in your organisation from a single environment.

Firstline Worker Industry Focus

Firstline Worker Industry Focus







   Government and Public Enterprises

With the Microsoft 365 Firstline Worker solution, you can:

  Train employees and in turn improve efficiency.

  Foster a culture of collaboration through team hubs and best practice knowledge sharing. All from a central application.

  Modernize business processes by automating daily activities for more productive workflows, task management and resource allocation.

 Consistently ensure regulatory compliance.

  Maximize security through next-generation device management and identity-driven protection.


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    Microsoft and Mint have made it possible for a novice Civil Engineer to manage his company IT infrastructure without being at the mercy of IT companies.

    Victor Rieger, Managing Director, WCE, WCE

    Since partnering with Mint Group, it took them two months to get SharePoint implemented and operational. Employees are really embracing SharePoint, you can see that people are using it. Collaboration has become an integral part of our operations, when we have technology connecting us across provinces.

    Ebrahim Moola, Acting CEO, cidb, CIBD

    As Wits Health Consortium we have utilized the services of Mint Management Technologies for an extended period to assist with a multi-site Active Directory migration project as well as a Microsoft 365 Implementation.

    Wits Health Consortium, Wits Health Consortium