Our Valued Clients and Partners

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has labelled COVID-19 a pandemic and are encouraging all countries to take swift and proactive action to contain the spread of the virus. Mint Group, therefore, has activated a team to monitor the situation in South Africa and will be looking to the National Institute for Communicable Disease (NICD), the South African National Health Department as well as international sources of information to guide us appropriately.

We have crafted this communication to inform you of Mint Group’s position and commitment to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all our clients, partners and employees.

Travel Restrictions

Mint Group has imposed travel restrictions on all business travel with immediate effect and will review the decision for Mint employees to travel to client sites until further notice. We will make every effort to encourage clients and partners from other countries to restrict their visits to South Africa and will promote remote communication at every opportunity. All Mint employees travelling for personal reasons will be expected to self-quarantine for a minimum period of 2 weeks until they are clear to return to the office.

Mint Group employees

Mint has always been a progressive company and to this end have equipped Minties with the technology and means to be able to communicate remotely on multiple channels at their disposal. We have, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, encouraged Minties to minimise their in-person meetings/gatherings and opt for virtual meetings as a standard.

Remote work is also encouraged, and clients can be assured of security as Mint is ISO certified and the use of Azure ensures that we utilise the most secure cloud.

We also have hand sanitizer stations around the office and in communal areas and have implemented a facial recognition solution for access control so that physical contact biometrics are no longer used. The Mint cleaning team is also ramping up cleaning of public surfaces such as door handles etc. several times per day as recommended by the NICD.

To further promote a safe and collaborative environment, Mint published a Crisis Communication Power App where all Mint employees have access to our updated policies affecting COVID-19, FAQ’s, contacts and the most recent information from relevant news sources. The App also gives Minties the ability to mark if they are working from home or other remote locations.

Further, Mint also has a visual campaign encouraging healthy hygiene habits like proper handwashing, and generally minimising all personal contact, especially handshaking, as a means of business greeting.

Be informed

Information is key, and we encourage all our clients, partners and employees to follow the NICD via its official social media accounts for information on how to keep yourself and those around you healthy. Discovery Heath has also created an Information Hub, which provides access to the latest updates and guidance in one easy-to-reference source to encourage all South Africans to understand the facts about COVID-19.

For those who may have been exposed to COVID-19

We are committed to taking the necessary steps to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. This calls for all of us to collaborate to keep ourselves healthy and, should we have any reasonable exposure to the COVID-19 virus, to avoid transmitting it to others. Therefore, Mint distributed formal communication regarding the procedures to be followed in the case of a suspected or confirmed infection. This communication is also available via the Crisis Communication App.

Contact us

As our valued client and partner, we encourage you to reach out to us to collaborate so that we can work together and ensure optimal productivity without compromising our health and well-being. If you have any questions or queries you can send to any of our communication channels and a Mint representative will be in touch.