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Mint Group Leading with Cognitive Service & AI

2020-01-07T07:17:03+02:00Thought Leadership|

Microsoft Inner Circle Member Mint Group announced the launch of its Intelligent Insights (II) Practice comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing – rendering the accessibility of this ground-breaking Microsoft technology a First for business innovation and disruption in South Africa. Mint Group CEO Carel du Toit states that in the new digital world [...]

How AI is transforming customer engagement

2020-01-07T07:10:54+02:00Thought Leadership|

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has subtly snuck into our lives, not as evil robots trying to destroy humankind as Hollywood touts, but rather to make mundane tasks and routines easier and quicker. It’s impacting every industry around the world today and helping to shake things up in the form of digital disruption. In terms of [...]