Machine Learning 

Your organization’s data could hold the answer to some of your biggest questions

What Is Machine Learning?

Data science and machine learning, the tools and technology often associated with”AI”, are more mature in many ways and can transform a business at a more fundamental level. There is an underutilised goldmine of data in every business that may be hiding the answers to some important questions such as: What makes a deal likely to close? Which products will succeed and fail? Which market segments should we be talking to?

Machine Learning Applications:

  • Predicting when systems and parts will fail enabling proactive maintenance.
  • Identifying fraudulent transactions and clients
  • Predicting the success of a product or item and highlighting which factors make particular products popular or unpopular
  • Predicting the likelihood that a discount will help close a deal or which customers are thinking about abandoning your brand
  • AI-driven logistics scheduling

What are the big questions that drive our business? Even the ones we think we know. What are the important questions that we aren’t asking?

What data do we have that could shed light on the questions? What additional data can we obtain? What actions need to be taken to ensure higher data quality in future?

Process the data to understand the correlations and unravel the hidden features. Build machine learning models to make predictions and evaluate the historic predictability of the models.

To untangle correlation/causation confusion, predictions and correlations need to be tested against the real world in controlled ways that don’t put the business at any serious risk. Real world experimentation, often in the form of A-B tests, are a key ingredient to becoming a data driven organization and the craft of data science.

Machine learning has the ability to bring predictability and optimization to organisations, which was simply not possible in the past. It enables a business to have predictive maintenance schedules, minimizing logistics and minimizing failures with less staff. Customers can have an entirely personalized experience that will feel more human and less like advertising.

Machine Learning Benefits

  • Discover insights
  • Predict outcomes
  • Make better decisions

Case Studies


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We chose Mint as a partner because of their sound relationship with Microsoft, and they met all our requirements in terms of deliverables, objectives, and the culture fit. Also, we saw potential with future product offerings that Mint has.

Ilse van der Merwe: Executive, Fernridge Solutions.

Our experience of working with Microsoft and Mint has opened doors for Mint to champion all Dynamics 365 configurations and it has introduced a new culture into the department, of working in an agile environment.”

Arnold Phiri: Projects and Programme Manager, National Department of Health

Sabric has confidence in Mint’s ability to implement best of breed solutions for our organisation, using the relevant Microsoft Technology.

Kalyani Pillay: CEO , Sabric

We required a system that was flexible, user friendly, and that could integrate with a variety of the systems we had in operation to monitor and report. CRM offered so much more. We couldn’t be happier.

Jeanne Hamman: Client Care Manager , Santam

I must say, it is always a pleasure working with the Mint team, as they always provide us with the best advice and solutions that work well for our company, and they always go the extra mile to assist us, where need be.

Sunitha Erasmus: Web department , Mutual & Federal

The solution Mint put in place allowed us to provide multiple channels of communication to beneficiaries and service providers.

Derek Smith: Senior ICT Manager , NYDA

For us the attraction to work with Mint and Microsoft was that Mint has actually used and implemented these DevOps techniques so it comes down to putting the theory into practice and actually having learned some of those lessons, which we could then learn from. I think it was a good cultural fit between our organization and Mint.

Lee Kuyper: COO and Financial Director, SilverBridge

We are very excited to walk this road of innovation with Azure, and start consuming additional services as they become available on the platform. For the first time, we have full control over our landscape.

Jannie Potgieter: CEO , Collaborit

Kagiso Media highly recommends Mint’s services to any organisation who is looking to digitally transform their business operations in driving automation improve efficiencies and fast-track their digital journey.

Ashwin Frankie: Group CIO, Kagiso Media

In such a competitive industry, it is difficult to find service providers that have a vestedinterest in delivering successful projects. The differentia that distinguishes Mint from other players is their professionalism, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile.

Karabo Toka: Manager: ICT, National Research Foundation (NRF)

Over and above their technical competence, what we have enjoyed most in our relationship with Mint, is their sound advice and flexibility in operations.

Samantha McChesney : Design Manager, South African Airways (SAA)

I enjoyed working with Mint, and will definitely continue using their services.

Val Theron: General Manager, ASAUDIT

I would like to say thank you for all the assistance you have provided us. I am glad you did not just assign any resource to this project but a dedicated and a very skilled individual.

Vuyisile Khumalo: Project Manager, Sasria