Vision Verify Application

Improve customer service experience and Know Your Client with an intelligent FICA and KYC app for the Financial Services Industry

What is Vision Verify?

Vision Verify is an AI-driven mobile and desktop-based application built to enable your Financial Institution to unlock the benefits of the Mint Vision Platform by automating client onboarding and administration processes in the digital world.

Integrated into Microsoft Teams, Vision Verify uses facial recognition and object detection, scanning and extraction to allow your employees to digitally onboard, verify and FICA clients instantly, streamlining administration processes and creating a great customer service experience.

Know Your Client in five easy steps:



Identity verified using ID document scanning connected to Home Affairs database



Verify your client as ‘live’ by using a quick 4-step facial recognition process


Address Verification

Client’s proof of address is verified using document scanning and matching to Home Affairs database



Client is matched with Home Affairs image and positively recognised



FICA process is complete when all documents and recognition is successful

 Know Your Clients in 2 minutes! Watch Vision Verify for Financial Institutions in action!

Improved customer services for Financial Services

Mint Vision Platform securely stores all data

Complete FICA process in under 2 minutes

Facial recognition enables for easy client detection and verification

 Object recognition ensures accurate scanning and extraction of documents

FICA clients using a global Home Affairs database

 Update records instantly using the fast-processing AI cloud

 Gain data-driven client insights to create improved customer service

Integrated into MS Teams to allow easy client meetings and seamless verification process


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