Opportunities at Mint

The success of our business and the innovative solutions we deliver for clients are only made possible by our people who are First for Mint.

To ensure continuous evolvement, next-generation customer experiences and transformative cloud journeys, Mint comprises best-of-breed industry talent to lead and guide the Group.

CDP and Bonuses

Minties are encouraged to actively pursue a robust career development plan (CDP) both in self-development and also to meet the MS partner competency certification requirements. Mint has a solid succession plan which sees approximately 20% of the staff promoted within a Financial Year.


Mint is always looking for people to join our team and enhance our capabilities. Minties are described as being passionate, driven, knowledgeable, supportive and excellent team members. We have offices in Jhb and CT, and have also opened offices in Austin, Tx (USA) and various other Africa countries.

Our interview process gives you the opportunity to learn more about our culture and how we work.

Minties are Involved

Mint hosts quarterly staff building and community upliftment events where Minties get down in the dirt and garden, sweat it out in the kitchen and play with the kids at the Afrika Tikkun center. Minties are involved with the community and are passionate about the upliftment of those less fortunate.


Mint is an ever-expanding business with career opportunities within South Africa as well as on projects in other sub-Saharan African Countries. We also have offices in the USA for which we provide team members when necessary.

We are always looking for talented, passionate people to join our teams. Our priority skills requirements are for software developers who have enterprise experience with any of the Microsoft stack, as well as consultants in these areas. We work in an Agile manner, so experience in this methodology is helpful.

It is important to prospective Minties to understand that we prioritise career development and Microsoft certifications, and we have a strong focus on participation in the company as a whole. We have exciting benefits such as 20-days annual leave, a quarterly performance bonus (depending on KPI results), and an awesome working environment.

We offer competitive remuneration packages based on our own salary and level bands.

Mint’s Recruitment Process

  1. Follow the Application Link and complete the form for the position you are interested in.
  2. If you meet the minimum acceptance criteria, you will receive a link to complete an online skills assessment through ‘Technically Compatible’.
  3. If you achieve the minimum results for the assessment, you will be invited in for an interview.
  4. There are a minimum of two interviews: the first is with the Delivery Lead (technical and practical), the second is with the Practice Head or Executive.
  5. If you are successful you will receive an offer letter.
  6. Welcome aboard!

Available Opportunities

The following positions are currently available for application:

Software Developers

Opportunities for senior software developers are currently available. Please complete the application form.

Internship Programme

Every one of the directors and seniors at Mint place a high value on the importance of education and work experience. This is why we have devised a unique approach to our Internship Programme which we run every calendar year.

Our programme has matured over the years to ensure that we not only attract enthusiastic university and technikon graduates, but also young people with career aspirations in this industry. We provide an environment where their raw talent can be nurtured and guided by some of the best people in this field, and often, we watch them go on to become experts in their areas.

We look at academic performance to determine interest and to match to our field, and we give comprehensive opportunities in the interview for applicants to the Internship Programme to demonstrate their aptitude for technology, and the tasks that go hand-in-hand with being a leader in this industry.

Applications for the 2018 internship period have closed

Apprenticeship Programme

Over the last few years, we established an Apprenticeship Programme that provides people looking for a career change, with the opportunity to bring their years of experience and their wealth of knowledge into this industry.

A couple of our Apprentices, who came from industries as diverse as logistics and retail, are now key players on large projects.

They utilized the six month Apprenticeship Programme to learn the technology and gain experience in this industry, confirming that they had made the right career change at the right time, with the right company.

Apply for an Apprenticeship