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Digital Enablement

Enabling intelligent technology operation by empowering people to reap ROI from your digital roadmap.

At Mint, we don’t do change management, we digitally enable!

Through Mint Group’s Digital Enablement offering we prepare and support individuals, teams, and organisations to embrace changes in technology through initiatives that redefine the use of resources, systems,  business process, budget allocations, and other modes of operation, and drive continuous transformation.

Why  Digital Enablement with Mint?

  • Fully adopt available technologies following migration
  • Stay on top of the faster moving workplace
  • Manage excessive and distraibuted information
  • Streamline producativity, efficiency and collaboration
  • Enable and develop the desired skill sets to match your available technologies and digital roadmap
  • Embrace a digital culture

Digital Enablement Benefits


Through fun awareness and communication initiatives we get teams excited about the changes that are to come and help them see how it will benefit both the organisation and themselves as individuals


Throughout the Digital Enablement journey we empower users with the knowledge and skills to entrench themselves in new technologies and processes.


Our Digital Enablement process empowers organisations to seamlessly blend people, processes and technology and ensure that all are geared towards reaching the organisation’s overall objectives.


With a vested interest in the digital journeys we create, we provide ongoing support to ensure Digital Enablement success by capturing and analyzing data from the results your organisation is achieving.

Innovation and disruption is driven by people empowered to maximise the value derived from technology

Mint Group Enablement Approach

A Digital Transformation offering where we analyse your organisational data to assess system adoption and application and then drive intervention plans.

Through this initiative we help you to ensure that the maturity of your technology suite matches the capabilities of your employees.

Digital Enablement Approach

“Initiatives with a digital enablement plan are 6 times more likely to meet the objectives”

Why Mint for Digital Enablement? 

Mint Management Technologies is a global IT consultancy that is in the top 1% of global CRM providers as well as a member of the prestigious Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics. The company enables better business by digitally leading its clients through Customer Centricity with Dynamics 365, Employee Engagement with Office 365, Intelligent Insights with Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing, and Smarter Systems with Azure in the digital space.