Smart Notifications

From Basic Notifications to Smart Conversations with AI and Machine Learning

Natural user interaction from anywhere

Enrich automated notifications through innovative technology to drive actionable conversations through chatbots, cognitive services, stream analytics, and Dynamics 365 technologies.

With Smart Conversations, we help you enable a user to interact with service notifications, thereby ensuring that your customer engagements never hit a dead end

Why use Smart Conversations for customer interactions?

  • Enhanced and responsive customer service.
  • Streamlined customer experience.
  • Improved lead times.
  • Reduced staff allocation for menial tasks.
  • Simplified and tailored customer experience.
  • Real-time customer feedback.
  • Contextual conversations based on the specific notifications.


Exceptional customer experience

Remove the frustration experienced with service notifications that do not allow interactions by enabling smart notifications.
Handle more customer interactions for less with smart notifications, customers have a direct link to communicate to you and access their information through the notification.

Increased service efficiency

By providing customers with the ability to take action and kick off processes from a notification, services are streamlined.

Streamline customer experience with smart conversations

  • Enable immediate access to information.
  • Remove communication barriers.
  • Speed up and enhance service delivery.