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Microsoft 365

Enable next-generation intelligent Teamwork with Microsoft 365

Realise the full benefit of powerful cloud applications and empower your employees to do more with Microsoft 365. With Microsoft Teams at the core of the productivity suite, Microsoft 365 empowers organisations to ensure streamlined employee collaboration, productivity and creativity.

Why Microsoft 365 for TeamWork?

  • Teamwork results in more creative solutions
  • Team members benefit from different perspectives and skillsets
  • Teams blend complementary strengths and diffuse individual shortcomings
  • Team members motivate each other and maintain a better momentum
  • Teams generally have a higher collective velocities
  • Team members offer one another support to drive team objectives more successfully
  • Team members benefit from the collective knowledge

What is Microsoft 365?

Windows 10

Office 365

EMS & Security

TeamWork powered by Microsoft 365

What is Office 365?

With Office 365 your enterprise can take a leap forward thanks to next generation cloud applications that give your teams access to best-in-class productivity solutions from around the world – all integrated in one personalised dashboard.

It’s a revolution in how enterprise software is deployed, managed and delivered that gives your people the competitive edge anywhere they work and integrates with other industry-leading cloud technologies to ensure you have the best in security, performance and cost optimisation.

How does TeamWork with Microsoft 365 Empower your business?

  • Enterprise mobility and security
  • Real-time document co-authoring
  • Real-time chat and status visibility of co-workers
  • Organise team workflow
  • Intelligent, context-aware email
  • Easy linking to stored files
  • Access control
  • Work offline, anywhere, from any device
  • Excel 3D interactive data map
  • Document version control

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