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Why we favour Office 365 over G Suite

2020-02-07T07:47:01+02:00Thought Leadership|

Microsoft and Google are two of the world’s most prominent innovators and have changed the way we experience technology for good. The workplace has been no exception to this transformation with both Microsoft and Google releasing innovations that have shaped the Modern Workplace we know today. When it comes to making technology investments in [...]

The Evolving CFO and Technology

2020-02-04T10:32:28+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written by: Yvonne Dias – Mint Group CFO As a CFO to a top 1% global Microsoft system integrator, I am continually learning and collaborating to ensure that I stay on top of evolving trends to help my organisation and its clients transform through technology. From the last few finance and technology seminars I [...]

CRM Strategy Do’s and Don’ts

2020-01-28T07:01:40+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written by: Yvonne Dias – Mint Group CFO A targeted Customer Relationship Management strategy is the strongest and most efficient approach to maintaining and creating relationships with customers. Strategy issues in CRM, however, often hinder ROI objectives and growth with the biggest pitfalls boiled down to seven main contributors. 1. Poor Planning and Assumptions [...]

Key learning from Microsoft in 2019

2020-01-13T13:21:57+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written By Rodney Weidemann key learnings from Microsoft in 2019 Mint Group has distilled the five most crucial things it has learned from Microsoft in the past year, and these form the basis of ensuring customers are ready for both the present and the future. Since its launch as a business, decades ago, [...]

The Power of PowerApps

2019-12-05T08:15:00+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written by: Roger Strain, Account Executive Microsoft's Power Platform Microsoft’s Power Platform is the tech giant’s number one competitive offering, setting it apart from its competitors by combining the value of three cloud services that empowers citizen developers, democratises IT and fuels rapid automation and transformation across industries.  Microsoft faces competitors on all cloud services offered, including machine learning and AI, office productivity solutions, CRM, ERP and data visualisation. Where a competitor [...]

Considering Investment Into a Teams Platform?

2019-08-21T07:40:59+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written by: Ryan Britton, US Program Lead 4 Things You Should do before Investing in a Teams Platform Applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams are rapidly becoming central to expediting teamwork within organizations. Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing application in Microsoft's history, and its ascendancy attributes to a similar rise of team-collaboration [...]

Business Leaders: Do You Rely On or Ignore Your Data?

2020-01-07T08:00:21+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written by: Yvonne Dias, CFO Data and analytics must become part of any business's DNA to ensure transformative decisions and strategies that foster competitiveness and increased profitability. However, establishing a data-driven culture is no small feat. A data-driven culture should originate at the executive level and filter down to all employees, but adoption [...]

SharePoint Intranets Then vs. Now: A UX Perspective

2020-01-07T07:47:41+02:00Thought Leadership|

Written by: Clarissa Vargas Herrera The intranet is the hub of the digital workplace, a central driver of collaboration and transformation for organizations in the digital era. As a SharePoint and UX consultant, I have lived and breathed the evolution of this collaboration platform over many years, experiencing the rapid transformation of SharePoint [...]

Smart vs the intelligent campus

2020-01-07T07:48:07+02:00Thought Leadership|

Ronelle Naidoo, Head of Public Sector Deals, Mint Group The smart campus is already here, it’s been here for a while. What prevents it from being intelligent is that, although the technology and data analysis capabilities are all available, there’s no real integration. Everything is siloed, with different sections and departments unable to [...]