To simplify collaboration, version control and the legal requirements of its document management processes, Hollard utilised the powerful capabilities of SharePoint to develop a solution that caters for the creation and approval of the base templates, as well as the final customer communication.

Customer Communication Management Redefined

The Hollard Insurance Group is South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group, established in 1980. With a turnover in excess of R20 billion, the Group delivers specialist insurance solutions to more than 6 million customers in 10 countries across the world via a team of 3600 people. Lion-hearted, challenging and inventive, Hollard is purpose-driven, seeking to enable more people to create and secure a better future

Business Challenge

Insurance is a complex product and customers sometimes have difficulty in understanding exactly what they have bought. We thus introduced a Hollard “communication style guide” and a governance framework to approve all communication, ensuring consistent communication aligned with regulatory requirements and business principles.

Rosemary Stamboul, Project Manager for Group Customer Centricity says: “The governance review process was completed using email, which meant that there was no tracking of changes, so reviewers had to consolidate feedback from several different areas into a single document for resubmission.

“We knew that we needed a central platform, as this would give us access to reporting, provide one repository for all documents related to a particular customer communication, and give us a search capability and the ability to properly manage our templates.” The solution had to cater for regulatory requirements, specifically fulfilling TCF outcomes 2 and 3.


Hollard had already used K2 blackpearl in its Quality Assurance team and understood that the extensive capabilities would provide a platform for future workflow-based applications. Another important consideration was the amount of integration required – Hollard would be using Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Active Directory, as well as Qorus, a document generation solution.

A vital requirement was local support, both from the vendor and implementation partner. Mint Management Technologies, appointed as the implementation partner for the Qorus solution suite, together with K2 provided an excellent fit for all these criteria. All customer communication starts with a base template.

Hollard’s solution, Purple Connexion, caters for the creation and approval of the base templates as well as the final customer communication. The base templates are stored in SharePoint, with K2 workflow handling the approval process, moving the final version into the “approved” library. Users are then able to select the base template, e.g. welcome letter, and choose from the approved paragraphs. Mint’s Qorus implementation and configuration is responsible for building the final letter with K2 managing the process.


The integration means that users are not aware of the various systems and simply interact with Purple Connexion. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as they regard the solution to be ideal for their requirements, effectively addressing all their previous frustrations.

Users are excited, as they feel the solution has been built for their requirements and resolves their previous frustrations. According to Rosemary, the results have been better than expected.

“The most significant impact has been on the base template creation –Purple Connexion has reduced template creation time from 4 months to 7 days! Staff can focus on the content of the communication rather than spending time on the process. This is helping Hollard to truly deliver on its brand promise of understandable and consistent quality communication to customers.”

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