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The Dawn of the Cloud-Born Business

2018-07-09T14:45:15+02:00Thought Leadership|

By Ryan Britton The world around us is changing as technology continues to seep into the cracks of our socio-economic structures, rendering it difficult to remember what adhesive we used to hold it all together before… Our environments are becoming digitally tactile landscapes which monitor and adapt to their inhabitants, and our reality is [...]

Remaining Agile in the Financial Sector – CRM

2018-07-10T11:35:19+02:00Thought Leadership|

By CRM Senior Project Manager Ross Musselman When I was growing up, banks were the icons of conservation. They were, by design, rigidly process-driven. Their investment decisions were cautious, as compared to investment markets (e.g. junk bonds and Black Monday), and they could be relied on for prudence above all else. It was all [...]

Project Governance determines Agile Success

2018-07-10T11:35:32+02:00Thought Leadership|

By Jaco Badenhorst - Mint Governance & Project Office Manager, Operations Ole Jonny Klakegg‘s said that governance is the alignment of projects with the organisation’s goals, and, above all, governance is about creating value. For Mint, the biggest drive in agile is to provide our customers with real business value in short phases (iterations) [...]

Mint Puts People First by Partnering with Ekukhanyeni Relief Project

2018-07-10T11:36:34+02:00Thought Leadership|

As part of its commitment to putting people First, Microsoft Gold Partner Mint Management Technologies has partnered with non-profit company (NPC) Ekukhanyeni to further its focus on community upliftment in the poverty stricken informal settlements surrounding Johannesburg, South Africa. This partnership was announced at the annual Microsoft Partner Golf Day which took place at [...]

Mint has been pushing cloud-based transformation in key sectors

2018-07-10T11:36:51+02:00Thought Leadership|

As published in Brainstorm Magazine December 2017 A Microsoft Gold Partner, Mint Management Technologies was recognised for its role in cloud-based digital transformation – particularly in the healthcare, education and financial services sectors. Group CEO Carel du Toit points to the team’s depth of vertical-specific expertise in these sectors, and their ability to implement [...]

Mint Group Ranked in Top 1% of Dynamics Providers Globally

2018-07-10T11:37:33+02:00Thought Leadership|

Mint Management Technologies recognised as a top 2% global Dynamics 365 partner Leading technology consultancy, Mint Management Technologies has been awarded membership into the prestigious Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics at the annual Microsoft Inspire worldwide partner event, which took place in Washington, DC - July 2017. Deemed one of the most strategic Microsoft Dynamics partners [...]

Mint Group Leading with Cognitive Service & AI

2018-07-10T11:37:49+02:00Thought Leadership|

Microsoft Inner Circle Member Mint Group announced the launch of its Intelligent Insights (II) Practice comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing – rendering the accessibility of this ground-breaking Microsoft technology a First for business innovation and disruption in South Africa. Mint Group CEO Carel du Toit states that in the new digital world [...]

Mint Group armed with two of only 80 ALM Rangers World-Wide

2018-07-10T11:38:41+02:00Thought Leadership|

Global technology consultancy Mint Management Technologies’ is proud to announce that two of its employees have been inducted into the ranks of the ALM Rangers organisation - demonstrating the organisation’s dedication to advancing the science of software development. The ALM Ranger status tasks Mint with the responsibility of providing professional guidance, practical experience and gap-filling solutions to the [...]