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As champions of sustainable business, we at Mint Management Technologies are committed to B-BBEE as a strategic pillar for business success and overall economic and social prosperity.

We currently host a BEE Level 3 rating, as rated by HR Planning.

Skills Empowerment

Mint firmly believes in the concept “growing our own wood” and as such has invested tremendously in our Internship Programme, which is now in its 6th year. The programme is aimed at graduates who are focusing on a career in the IT industry and runs for a year. During this time our ‘Minterns’, as they are fondly known, complete a curriculum in both software development as well as software testing, and they learn various platforms and practices in the field of technology.

Become a Mintern

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mint is a company that is invested in people, both within our company and within our community. Our corporate social responsibility arm is called DotUnity, and through our various partnerships with community initiatives, we can to share our Mint love and knowledge with the communities in our area.

Community Initiatives

Our DotUnity initiatives comprise assisting a government primary school, a girls’ orphanage, and a crèche for children from disadvantaged families, within our previous community of Bruma, Johannesburg East.

Since Mint moved to Bryanston in April 2015, it partnered with Afrika Tikkun, a well-established NGO with the “from cradle to career” vision.

Following this, Mint became a proud partner of Ekukhanyeni – a non-profit organisation that focuses on community upliftment in the poverty-stricken informal settlements surrounding Johannesburg. Through this initiative, Mint is funding the establishment of more ECD centers across Johannesburg.